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So I was catching up on some blog reading, and I came across a website selling various collage sheets for arts and crafts projects…what I noticed was this seller is using images that are specifically NOT for commercial use (I’m not going to post a link because I don’t want to give this place any business). Many of these images can be found free at this site, and specifically state NOT FOR COMMERCIAL REPRODUCTION IN COLLAGE SHEETS:

Not only are the using images that were provided free for non-profit use, they’re also selling collage sheets using images of Vampira – Malia (the mastermind behind Vampira) only licensed Vampira to two companies in her lifetime; now her niece owns the rights and has not licensed any usage (I’ve contacted the operator of to be sure).

Nowhere on this company’s website did I see any disclaimers or notices that they’ve obtained permission to use these images, or that they’re licensed to use these images…that’s the bad thing about living in a digital world – there’s very little one can do to protect your images or artwork from being used…

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  1. Joanna

    Kudos to you for calling them on that.
    BTW, tag, you’re it.

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