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Holiday Showdowns!

Kim…what is this nonsense?
Starting in 2019, I began hosting a bracket-style tournament featuring Holiday music. It went over well, so I thought I’d do it again the following year…and seeing as we were all in the height of Covid restrictions and trying to keep ourselves sane, I decided to throw in Holiday movies as well.

I’m back at it again for 2021…this time I am just sticking with movies as I find it more enjoyable (and if I’m honest, it tends to rile people up when I throw in things like Die Hard or Krampus…and I like to be a sh*t stirrer). I’m trying something new this year by creating a dedicated FB page to hopefully allow more folks to participant and actually SEE the posts, but the polls will also be featured here.

2019 Holiday Music Showdown This was before I realized how easy it was to make a bracket using a spreadsheet. Don’t judge. Winner: Bing Crosby’s White Christmas

2020 Holiday Music Showdown I was ambitious and did BOTH music and movies. It was a bit tricky keeping up with both, but…we were in lockdown mode, what else did I have to do?! Winner: Bing Crosby’s White Christmas

2020 Holiday Movie Showdown As I said, I was ambitious and did both music and movies. I personally feel the movie showdown is more enjoyable…but that’s just me. Winner: White Christmas (I am sensing a trend…)

Coming soon! 2021 Holiday Movie Showdown kicks off on 11/24/2021 promptly at midnight this year! I’ve revamped the list of movies included, which I am sure will ruffle some feathers (muah-ha-ha-ha-haa)! Polls will be posted here, but I’ll still post reminders to social media as well. I’m using Google Forms again so the format should be familiar. And I do not collect any personal information/email addresses through the form, so no worries there.