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12/1 An unsurprising victory…and more coffee, please

This post is brought to you by the delicious miracle that is coffee. Try some today! Today is my Monday, so I’m not quite with it yet. The coffee is still brewing, and they are doing some kind of construction…
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11/30 Santa’s gone, send in the Muppets!

Sadly, Santa Claus didn’t quite make it to town…I’d like to think he stopped off for a pint of holiday cheer and just couldn’t go on. And now he’ll drown his sorrows in another pint because he was beaten by…
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11/29 A lesson in love, lies, and moving on…(that got deep…sorry)

Yesterday’s pairing was a struggle for me. I love both movies dearly, even if Love Actually is basically a tale of how we as human beings can manage to make love f*cked up – we do have the saving grace…
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11/25 contenders and results from the previous day!

Wishing a happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and a peaceful Thursday to those who don’t. May your cranberries be plump, and your stuffing be moist. **Results from the previous day** It’s a Wonderful Life survives with 69% of the…
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