The Peach Martini

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Who, me?

My name is Kim and I live in northern Indiana with my wonderful husband. I love to make things, and making messes generally follows with all my creative attempts. I love baking, crafting of all kinds, writing, and photography. Am I any good at those things? Meh – I’m ok – definitely not a professional by any means, but others seem to like what I do, and I’m ok with that!

I’m a bit geeky, and I would love to transform the traditional thinking of what a “geek” is – it’s not always about technology and video games. I love music, baseball (I cried when we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame last year…you can’t tell a passionate fan there’s no crying in baseball!), cars (classic and exotic), history (Civil War, Victorian London, WWII, the 40’s-60’s), Sherlock, Doctor Who (Doctors 9, 10, 11), retro video games, cartoons from the 80’s (Rainbow Brite, She-Ra, Jem…they were all childhood heroes!), coffee, tea, and crayons (yes, geeking out about crayons is a thing).

Why “The Peach Martini”? I liked the kitschy vibe – makes me think of some classy dame sipping a martini at a bar in the 40s or 50s. I chose the peach aspect of it because my husband has bestowed the nickname “Peaches” on me early in our relationship as we share a common love for the fruit. We’re weird, I know.

Occasionally I may review books, products, stores – let it be known that I do not receive compensation of any kind for this – I merely like to share with others!

I hope my blog will serve as a stopping ground while you’re enjoying your morning cuppa joe…or tea…or martini. Whatever your favorite beverage is, grab one, kick back and relax!

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  1. Emily Bickford

    Great blog!! I’ll definitely be enjoying (currently with a beer, hehe)

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