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Happy November!

Can you believe it?! This year has just flown by…but I have to say that I am growing quite excited over the prospect of another Holiday season. I must say I am a romantic when it comes to the holidays…I day dream of a cozy fire to curl up next to, and the best family get-together for Thanksgiving – the perfect turkey and the dressing that only Grandma can make; the crisp autumn air has that faint smell of snow to it. And then there is the month or so leading up to Christmas – shopping for presents, baking treats for family and friends, those Salvation Army bell ringers outside of the stores…the smell of Christmas spice and pine needles as you walk through the shops…the look on your loved ones’ faces as they open their Christmas gifts. It’s so magical, and I’m so full of bologna! Every year I have this sick fantasy that it will be the perfect Norman-Rockwell-Currier-and-Ives holiday season and I’m always disappointed, but it doesn’t phase me.

One of the blogs I read is getting ready to start their “Handmade Holidays” series again – “Sew Mama, Sew!” is a great place to get all kinds of ideas – lovely, unique gifts for just about every one on your list, and they’re all hand made. I highly recommend checking it out!

Today I love…
– My hubby
– spending time with my awesome cousins, Emily and Alyssa, who feel like they can talk to me about anything
– the coming holidays
– my iPhone (trust me, it came in handy while we were in Chicago!)
– that every one in my family (both sides) are healthy in mind and body
– crafting and planning for holiday gift-giving!

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