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IGGPPC House Organa Challenge 28 Days of Lists – Day 2: Who Inspires You?

Today’s item on the IGGPC House Organa Challenge 28 Days of Lists (phew, that’s a mouthful!) is: Who Inspires You?

My list changes everyday; I’m constantly inspired by the people and things around me – both good and bad.

The bad things inspire me to do better, be more kind, and love my neighbors as I would like to be loved. The bad things also teach me to exhibit more compassion and forgiveness. And the negative events that happen in our lives, I believe happen for a reason – they make us really evaluate our lives and decide what is more important to us.

I’m inspired be those who fight with chronic invisible illnesses everyday – those who suffer in silence, those who grit their teeth and fight through the pain, fatigue, and tiresome suggestions from people who most likely mean well but just don’t understand the harm they cause when they make suggestions like “Try yoga!” or “Take vitamins and exercise more!” Trust me – if it were that simple, we would!!

I’m inspired by those who have suffered great losses in their lives – how they can pull themselves together and get on with things with a stiff upper lip astonishes me.

I’m inspired by friendly, loving individuals – selfless people who are willing to give of themselves freely and without expectation.

I’m inspired by people who are not afraid to march to the beat of their own drum, who aren’t afraid to be true to themselves and not willing to let anyone dull their sparkle.

And most recently, I’m inspired by the friendship and generosity of the Iggle community. Such a great bunch of folks!!

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