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Holiday Bracket Challenge coming your way!

Starting in 2019, I began hosting a bracket-style tournament featuring Holiday music. It went over well, so I thought I’d do it again the following year…and seeing as we were all in the height of Covid restrictions and trying to keep ourselves sane, I decided to throw in Holiday movies as well.

I’m back at it again for 2021…this time I am just sticking with movies as I find it more enjoyable (and if I’m honest, it tends to rile people up when I throw in things like Die Hard or Krampus…and I like to be a sh*t stirrer). I’m trying something new this year by creating a dedicated FB page to hopefully allow more folks to participant and actually SEE the posts.

Thanks for joining me once again for this silly little game I play! I am very excited to put this together – I have some unique additions to the bracket this year to mix things up a bit. Over the next few days, leading up to the 24th, I’ll be sharing a little bit about some of those other from the list. I know not everyone likes the old crap like I do, and some people are purists when it comes to what’s considered a “holiday movie” so I’ll make sure you have enough time to do some homework

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