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Things I learned this holiday season…

As we move toward the New Year with hopes for a brighter tomorrow, I’d like to take a minute to share some of the revelations I had this holiday season. Some of these are things that occurred this year, some are just observations. Some are #facepalm and #smh moments…and some just make you say “WTF?!”

  1. Making a plan to get all your shopping done prior to the week before Christmas is great. Actually executing said plan is even better.
  2. When facing the holiday crowds in the mall, come prepared…this includes bottled water, easy to pack snacks, wet wipes, tissues, and making sure you haven’t consumed any substances that may wreak havoc on your digestive system at the most inconvenient times.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. Even if that means you have to duck into Payless and buy a new pair. Or two.
  4. Dress in layers to avoid having to wear your bulky “I can’t put my arms down” coat in the stores.
  5. Be careful about using livestock references when you’re talking about the group of people in front of you who apparently have much superior hearing abilities than you thought.
  6. Eat a well balanced meal – start with breakfast that does not consist of Christmas cookies and fudge. I recommend donuts and coffee, but some prefer something heartier like strawberry stuffed French toast, eggs, and bacon. And coffee. Don’t skimp on the coffee.
  7. If you’re hosting a festive gathering, give yourself time to clean and organize your house properly as to avoid shoving things in boxes and bags at the last minute, only to never find them again.
  8. Do not guess on what size a relative is. They will inevitably be disappointed and insulting when opening their gifts. Yes, I said insulting…as in, “This might fit you, but I doubt it would fit me.” The same can be said for color palettes – don’t guess. If you really can’t figure it out, go with a gift card.
  9. When your relatives are opening gifts, don’t declare how much of a bargain you got on the item. In fact, most people don’t WANT to know how much you spent on the item unless it’s a gift card/gift certificate.
  10. When opening gifts with a group of people, do not comment on each and every item that is revealed, saying things like “That’s like the one I got you last year,” or “You never said you wanted anything like that!”
  11. If you’re a crafty person and enjoy giving handmade gifts, be sure the recipient KNOWS what it is to avoid any frustrations with their cluelessness. Even if you think it is obvious by placing related items in the same manner which they would be used by the recipient…
  12. Better still, it may be better to AVOID giving hand made gifts to these people.
  13. When opening gifts and you aren’t sure if the item will fit, don’t fuss about it so much so that the giver is unsure if you even like it. If you’re told “feel free to exchange it for a different size,” don’t act excited that you can get something totally different. This sort of ties into #8.
  14. Remember, as a gift giver, the more thought you put into a gift…the more heart and soul you put into a gift, the greater the chances you may be easily offended or hurt. Please take great consideration that not all people are as tactful when expressing dislike or disinterest in things that they may not realize their being offensive or hurtful.

How were your holidays? Did you survive? Have any great stories to tell – good, bad, or ugly? Do share 🙂

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  1. Katie

    #5 — Damn their Vulcan hearing!

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