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The Barn Project

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Talk about a blast from the past! I was looking through some old photos I had archived and realized I’d never posted these…granted I didn’t have a blog back then… I digress.

These photos are a part of The Barn Project. I live in a rural area, and on my commute I pass by all these wonderful old barns – most of which are falling to pieces and look like they’ll crumble in the next breeze. With as much construction and land development that has been going on in the last decade, it seems like these barns will be a scarce sight for future generations to marvel. When driving I find myself wondering the story behind these delicate structures – who built them? What was their purpose? I am often tempted to just pull off the side of the road and snap a few photos, but I want the story to go with them.

I sent a few letters to the editors of several area newspapers, requesting people to contact me if they own one of these beauties…the response was overwhelming. I literally could not keep up with the phone calls and emails – I feel bad about it now, I know there are several people I did not call back. I wish I would have planned better for such a large response…this project is something I’d like to continue working on…my goal would be to compile the photos with stories to go with each barn and create a book.

This set on Flickr consists of two of the barns I photographed, and the write up in the local paper.


  1. "Vanilla and Thyme"

    I too, live in a rural area, and have photographed a few barns in my time. The color of the barn in your photograph is gorgeous! I like to take black and white of the run down structures, although it makes me sad to see them "uncared" for- You should do a "coffee table" barn book!

  2. Kim Beatty

    This one was well cared for – I just had to photograph it because of the amazing detail of all the windows. I hope to find some more this year – I've got a renewed interest in it and want to get out since the weather has finally warmed up. Hopefully I'll be able to get enough images together for a book!

    Thanks for commenting!

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