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Nine Inch Nails – Wave Goodbye Tour, 2009 – Noblesville, IN

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My husband and I were just two of the 300+ donors at the Noblesville, IN concert for Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye Tour.

100% of all money donated was given to Eric De La Cruz, a young man who is in dire need of medical attention; because of the red tape, however, he has been neglected. To read more about Eric and the fight to raise awareness about our flawed health care system, please visit

The contributors – depending on the amount of their donation – were able to experience the soundcheck, meet the band, receive autographs and a have their photo taken with the band, in addition to having dinner and experiencing the live performance from the side/back of the stage that night (for the higher donations). There were also very relaxed photo and video policies for this tour (huge THANK YOU for that!) so I was able to do four things I love: spend the day with my best friend, meet the band, help some one in need, and rock out to NIN. Please check out the other photos I/we took that day!

It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that my husband and I will never forget, and we feel blessed to be able to help a fellow human being in need. It is our hope that through the donations and efforts of every one involved, more light will be shed on the need for improved heath care for our country.

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