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Summer in the City

….OK, so technically it isn’t officially summer. But we’re past Memorial Day, and in my book that’s the start of summer! Longer days, beautiful weather, and lots of fresh air – these days are meant to be enjoyed…and working full time can make that a little tricky. I do my best to get away a lunch time, stretch my legs and give my mind a chance to wander.

We have a minor league baseball stadium just a block away from where I work – they are such an awesome part of the community! They open the park during the day to allow folks to walk laps, eat their lunch, or just take in the beautiful view of the city over a work break.  Warmer weather also means venturing out around downtown, exploring the new developments and checking out the food trucks over lunch (more on those in another post). During the winter months, my mom and I aren’t deterred by the weather when it comes to walking someplace for lunch, and the city is quite charming when the snow is falling and the street posts are decorated; in the summer, though, its like the city wakes up from a long nap and you sort of forget how pretty the buildings are.



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