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IGGPPC Summer Camp – Troop Assignments!

Every Iggle who signed up for summer camp was assigned to a troop for the duration of camp. Possibilities were: Hobbitses, Marshwiggle, Mockingjay, Padfoot, and Silvertongue.

I was placed in Troop Mockingjay! *caw! caw!* OK – I will fess up, I haven’t read the books, nor have I seen the films…yet…but I will!

Here’s what our fearless troop leader Buffalo had to say about our namesake:

Troop Mockingjay is named for the bird with a spirit all its own from the Hunger Games. Members are known to have fiery and tumultuous personalities. With their “can do!” attitudes, Mockingjays tend to be independent and strong willed, but once you make friends with one, you’re friends for life. They love a good party, and can be seen walking around practicing secret handshakes. Bright, warm colors suit them, and they love cheesy and salty foods.

I think I have found my people…

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