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…and just what the heck is ‘plus-sized’ anyway?! (or dressing for your body type)

(Let me throw a disclaimer out there that I obviously have NO FREAKING CLUE what being fashionable means because I tend to disagree with most every fashion “expert” or personality. When it comes to those ridiculous TV shows that critique/praise Hollywood for their bold fashion sense, I want to smack them all.)

Inspired by a recent article posted by one of my favorite magazines, I felt the need to say something about how plus-sized women are viewed today, and what exactly is considered plus-sized…and how it is VERY frustrating shopping for quality clothing and accessories when one is viewed as plus-sized.

To being, I will state that I apparently have been ‘plus-sized’ my entire adult life, fluctuating between sizes 10-14…yes, that’s correct…some designers/brands consider size 10 to be plus size. Let me repeat myself. Size 10 is considered plus size.

Many folks wonder why women have such poor body image…I feel there are two factors to this:

Factor 1) vanity sizing dictates more than what size pants to try on. You know the feeling…you have *that* pair of jeans – they fit like a glove, and they are your favorite. You can walk into that store and pick them up off the shelf and you’re good to go. Now you hit up another store…grab the same size pants (same cut, etc) only to find you can barely pull them past your knees! You double check the tag…yep, same size as the old ones…but now to get them to fit comfortably, you have to grab 2 sizes larger! TWO SIZES! What. Even.

Factor 2)  There are stick thin models/actresses who make me want to force-feed them cheeseburgers. You can see bones that have no business being seen! That’s not to say there is anything wrong with being lean and thin…AS LONG AS YOU’RE HEALTHY. The same goes for us curvy girls. Be healthy to be beautiful. Larger women can be a beautiful thing, AS LONG AS YOU’RE HEALTHY. I think more needs to be done to focus on the HEALTHY aspect, than the thin aspect. I observe this in my Zumba classes (well, when I go, anyway…hehe) There are some women in class that look like they’d keel over after five minutes (based solely on their size, just like the rest of the world views us), but they can make it through the whole class and barely need to catch their breath. Then there are some women who look like the picture of health struggling to make it through the first song. Fitness and health are not always directly related to one’s size. I weight more than I “should”, but I don’t feel unhealthy…and I get a clean bill of health from the doctor; therefore I don’t really feel the need to diet to lose weight. I do like to feel healthy.

Ok – aside from those two things, you know what REALLY grinds my gears?! WHY DOES ALL THE 12+ SIZE CLOTHING RESEMBLE FEED SACKS OR MOOMOOS???? Seriously – have you looked through some of the plus size catalogs or websites lately? All the clothing looks oversized and decidedly unfeminine. Just because a woman is voluptuous (chubby…pudgy…plump…whatever you want to be called) doesn’t mean they should HIDE everything behind yards of fabric and layers. Know your body type and dress to accentuate the curves.

Here are links to some blogs I enjoy – not all of them are plus-size, but all these woman have style and dress for their body types. They know what works for them, and they enjoy helping other women find affordable clothing for the real world. I hope you take some time to check out the blogs, and take a minute to appreciate yourself! You deserve it!!

Wardrobe Oxygen –  a blog that offers tips and advice for all women to achieve personal style, regardless of age, figure, budget, or lifestyle.

The Curvy Fashionista – Experienced in retail for over ten years, working in various retail stores as a stylist, fashion expert, or manager, Marie Denee lassoed her life experiences both studied and learned to bring her dream into fruition- The Curvy Fashionista®.

Retro Rack – Yep, you read that correctly! Retro Rack is a blog by New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger; this blog caters to fashion with more of a retro/vintage inspired appeal, but Gail gives wonderful tips for gals with larger bosoms. 🙂

Economy of Style – Created in 2007 as a means of inspiration for fashion-minded folks on a budget. While Psyche is far from plus-sized, she is a woman who knows her body type and dresses appropriately – and dang the girl has style! This is my main source of inspiration for my own wardrobe.

Do you have any fashion and style blogs to recommend? Lord knows there are more, but those I’ve listed above are the ones I read most. And what are your thoughts on the plus-size role in the fashion industry? How do you dress for your body style?

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