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Venofer Iron Infusions – Round 3 (The Last!)

Today (Thursday 5/23) was my very last Venofer infusion. I was so excited that it was the last one, but my stomach was a mess with nerves and dread since I didn’t have that great of an experience on Tuesday.

I am so thankful my Mom went with me (no matter what you may think, you are NEVER too old for your mom!) – she even made me a care package! Magazines, animal cookies, and coloring book and crayons (Crayola, for the win!) 🙂

I actually had a bit of a meltdown when they tried to get the IV in. They tried my left arm around the same spot they used on Monday with success, but found nothing. Then they tried my right hand – that sent me over the edge and I had a meltdown (I’d say it was a Three Mile Island, not quite a Chernobyl…). I think I was just so tired of being stuck and prodded with needles…they don’t take me seriously when I tell them I’m a weenie! And this was my first major medical procedure in my 31 years…I’ve never been in hospital or anything before, so the experience of IV medication was completely new to me.

This super sweet nurse came to my rescue though, and ended up bringing out an ultrasound machine to find a good vein…that’s the trick to it, I guess! She also used a little larger (peripheral IV) needle instead of the butterfly needles they used before. Once she did this, I was ready to go! Per my request, they diluted with saline the whole time, and I had no troubles at all. SO happy it’s over with!

The last Venofer Infusion...Lets hope for a long while!!

The last Venofer Infusion...Let's hope for a long while!!

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this process! I will definitely continue to share updates on my progress with my iron levels and diagnosis of other issues.

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