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Things they don’t tell you when you decide to use polymer clay for a project…

  1. Working with polymer clay is not as easy as it looks on Youtube.
  2. Baking polymer clay is not like baking a cookie – it doesn’t get crispy when it’s done. It will still be soft. So if you start smelling the weird plastic smell? It is over cooked. Chances are good it’s burning. That awesome gold polymer clay? …not so awesome looking any more.
  3. It *will* stain your hands. Grab some great smelling soap (partially to help cover up the smell of the burning clay) and get to scrubbing!
  4. DO NOT use your regular oven for baking the clay, especially if you burn it. (I knew this from previous attempts…this is just a reminder…)
  5. It’s a very good idea to practice making your item in advance, before you need the real deal. This gives you time to engage your left-brained, genius husband on ways to improve the structural integrity of your project.
  6. Be nice to said left-brained, genius husband because he will inevitably have to talk you out of a Three Mile Island-sized melt down when things don’t go the way you envisioned them in your right-brained little head.

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