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Strange Happenings at the Dr…and a new Surgery Date!

So, Friday 10/10 I went to my doctor’s office to have new blood labs drawn to check my hemoglobin levels. No appt needed, as per usual.

I managed to navigate my way through minimal construction traffic, quite a feat in this town as of late…when I figured out which building was my Dr’s (he just moved there, and doesn’t quite have a proper sign yet), I was happy to see a virtually empty waiting room. I stopped at the desk to check in, and was handed a clip board with three forms to complete, which seemed odd considering I was an existing patient and it was just blood labs! I fill out my forms, and have a seat. And I wait. And wait. And….wait. 25 minutes later and I’m still waiting.

I normally wouldn’t have cared, but I was on my lunch hour and told my boss I would be back within a reasonable amount of time. When I finally did get called back, I was so cold and hungry that I just knew this wouldn’t go smoothly! Sure enough, the first gal couldn’t find a vein she was happy with…so she broke out the infrared vein finder…and still didn’t have any luck. She called for reinforcements…she made my soak my hands in very warm water. Still nothing. Finally after two failed attempts at finding a vein, she announces she’s going to send me over to the hospital across the street.

I drive around twice trying to find the hospital entrance. Then I drove around a couple more times until I could find a parking spot. I had to pay $40 for someone else to stab me with a needle. Then….I had to take the sample back with me.

Let me say that again…. I had to take my vial of blood back to the Dr’s office across the street. In my car. That was just kind of weird!!

My very own bio-hazard bag and everything!

My very own bio-hazard bag and everything!

So that was weird to say the least. BUT!!! I got good news! my hemoglobin levels were NORMAL! 10.7, baby!!! Yeah!

I just got off the phone with the scheduling gal…date is set for Monday November 10th. Now I can begin the pre-surgery nervousness again! 🙂

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