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Panera Is At It Again…

As if I wasn’t in enough trouble with their delicious Pumpkin Muffins and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I now have another breakfast item to consider: The Pumpkin Pie Bagel.

You may recall, I was moved to compose “Ode to Panera” one morning last year after consuming a pumpkin muffin (click here for reference).

Today I was swayed by the woman behind the counter, and decided to give the new pumpkin pie bagel a try, with the recommended New York Cheesecake cream cheese…and this limerick is the result:

A new pumpkin pie flavored bagel!
Panera has tried to finagle
My love for their muffins
By pie-flavored stuffins
But I’d rather eat cardboard rectangles.

There you have it folks…my verdict – stick with the muffins if you want a true taste of autumn; the bagels just aren’t going to satisfy that craving for pumpkiny spiced goodness.

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