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Just a medical update…

Heard back from my Dr today about the ultrasound I had on Friday to check out my cyst situation (cystuation? See what I did there? :-P) … Turns out I have “multiple cysts that are endometriomas” and based on the symptoms I have and the cysts, it is looking more and more like I do in fact have endometriosis. Obviously, he can’t formally diagnose without doing a laparoscopic surgery, but I’m supposed to see him August 1st to review my charting and discuss our options.

I have a lot of emotions right now…thankful, mostly, that I actually found a Dr who gives two shits about me and is taking measures to get to the root cause of why I’ve been so miserable the last couple years…but also very aware of what this may mean further down the road, and a little pissed that all my doctors up until this point haven’t done this much for me. I am trying my damnedest to not dwell on the negative or the “what ifs” right now…I need to focus on the next steps and taking care of myself the best that I can.

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