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Brown County Spring Blossom Festival – REVIEW

Here is my review for the show. Overall, it was a good experience. Had the chance to meet wonderful people and enjoyed a weekend away with the hubby. I didn’t have high hopes for this as it is my first show, so I can’t really rate it in that regard.

Event Date: 5/10/2008 – 5/11/2008
Show Name: Brown County Spring Blossom Arts Festival
Location (City, State): Brown County – Nashville, Indiana

Type of Show (Indoor/Outdoor/Mall/Tent/etc): Outdoor festival
Eligibility Requirements (Juried/Open): Juried in the future, open for the 1st show.
Show Fee: $60.00 for a 10×10 booth
Other Fees (electrical, jury fee, etc): $10.00 electricity

Did you receive Pre-Show information (directions, facilities, etc)? Acceptance letter was received two – three weeks prior to show; brochure was available for download at website detailing what items the artists were responsible for bringing. Packet was given day of show at check-in, containing basic maps of vendor areas, program for festival, name tag, signage for booth/judging, details outlining judging.

Did you see any promotion before attending? No

Did you see Day-Of-Show signage? Small signs posted only downtown Nashville.

Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10, any rating 5 or below, please explain:
Variety of vendors: 7; I didn’t have a chance to look at all of them, but from the listing in the program there seemed to be a lot of jewelry, photography, and stoneware/ceramics/pottery artists.

Quality of work from vendors: 10 – from what I could see when walking along the street, the vendors were all highly-skilled in their crafts.

Ratio of homemade goods to retail goods: 8; the vendors present take their crafts seriously.

Parking: N/A – I don’t know how the parking was for patrons. There were no maps provided for vendor parking.

Restrooms: N/A – Did not have a chance to visit restrooms while there. I didn’t know where they were.

Booth provisions: 8; The booth space was marked out in spray paint on the grass; the spaces were VERY close together.

Was it a good layout for a craft show? 6; Unless you were on the main drag, there was no way people would be able to find your booth. I was located in the Village Green, booth 101 and a lot of people I saw walking around the front of the VG never made it back to our row.

Was traffic an issue (both foot traffic and vehicular traffic)? Vehicular traffic was heavy at times – there was a lot of noise produced by the traffic.

How were your sales – Poor (3x time less than space fee) Fair (4-5x space fee) Good (6-8x space fee) Excellent (9+ x space fee) Poor – Fair. I made back the booth fee, but most of the goods purchased were from a relative. A lot of people looked and commented on the uniqueness and quality of my items, but did not buy.

Did you like this show? Would you recommend it to others? I liked the environment and I loved the people I met – provided the committee did a little more planning a head of time, had a back-up plan for rain/adverse weather, and re-designed their layout for the booths I would definitely consider it. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who was more of a craft person instead of an artsy person – the expectations for high quality items is high in that area with all of the specialty shops around town.

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