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Another medical update…

I’ll be having outpatient surgery sometime in September (probably the 1st half of the month) to remove the 4cm complex cyst on my left ovary. (What makes it a complex cyst you ask? Well, normal cysts are fluid filled and look “hollow” on an ultrasound. Mine, special little thing that it is, looks like it has little chambers in it…which is a tell-tale sign of endometriosis.)

The only way to diagnose endometriosis is to do the surgery. It’s done with the DaVinci robot, and is considered outpatient. I’ll have no more than 5 incisions – one in my belly button (better clean that sucker out good!), and most likely one over each ovary. They’ll pump my lower abdomen full of gas to make some space between the organs, they’ll go in with a little camera (laparoscope) and look around. He will remove the cyst (like cutting a bruise from an apple), make sure my tubes are clear of any endometriosis or other stuff blocking the way, and then look for any endometriosis adhesions. If any are found, he’ll remove them (cutting them out is the best way to ensure they get it all and hopefully slow it’s progression). (You can read more about it if you search online for Naprotechnology – warning in advance some images might be a bit graphic (you know, innards and whatnot).

Like I said, it’s outpatient, and recovery time is about a week. I’m more worried about recovery than the actual procedure – I’ve heard the gas makes you really uncomfortable and can settle in weird places like your shoulders and back. I would be lying though if I said I wasn’t looking forward to living in yoga pants for a while. 🙂

Anyone have any experience with laparoscopy, and have any pearls of wisdom to share?

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