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11/29 A lesson in love, lies, and moving on…(that got deep…sorry)

Yesterday’s pairing was a struggle for me. I love both movies dearly, even if Love Actually is basically a tale of how we as human beings can manage to make love f*cked up – we do have the saving grace of Colin Firth and his beautiful, awkward story.

And The Holiday. I know it’s not an especially memorable movie for most – it can be boring, I’ve been told by a very reliable source the depiction of living in England is absolutely rubbish and infuriating to locals, and Cameron Diaz is definitely not my favorite. But Kate Winslet seals the deal for me, as does Eli Wallach. And Jack Black. And…Jude Law. It’s just an incredibly lovely movie…which *FINALLY* brings me to my point…

**Results from the previous day**
Love Actually 39.5%
The Holiday 60.5%

Let’s move on, shall we?

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