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These jokes are getting un-boo-lievable…

Greetings and Salutations my spooky friends! Once again, I’ve managed to fudge up my days and realized I skipped yesterday’s voting…so I’m combining both yesterday & today’s movies. What do you call a werewolf stranded on the side of the…
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And we’re back!

Alrighty, back after a weekend out of town – I’m sure no one was waiting with bated breath for these to be released, but humor me. Lie to me if you must. I combined the days that were missed into…
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This Mamushka is for you!

How is everyone doing this week? I don’t even know what day it is anymore…I think it’s Thursday, right? Do y’all need a break from my wickedly hilarious jokes? Can I share one more before you all leave? What do…
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More spine-tingling humor and movies to vote on!

Well, it turns out *some people* don’t like my amazing jokes. My FB page lost 2 followers since yesterday BWAHAHAHAA! Joke’s on them, I’m not giving up! What is a werewolf’s favorite salad ingredient? . . . . . ARUUUUUUUUUUUUgula!…
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Jokes for days, folks! Jokes. For. Days.

I bet you didn’t know when you decided to follow this page that, not only do you get fun and exciting activities like these faBOOLous bracket challenges, but you also get the BEST Halloween jokes this side of the interwebz….
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Why do ghosts ride the elevator?

…to lift their spirits. Well, it looks like the competition wasn’t very stiff for this round; Trilogy of Terror is dead in the water. **Results from the previous day** Not surprisingly, Night of the Living Dead won with 76.2% of…
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Bad puns and tie breakers!

Well, that last round was a nail-biter! Not once, but TWICE we had a tie – who would’ve thunk it! (You know I have to do this…and I’m not even sorry…) The Conjuring…conjured up a victory with 52% of the…
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Halloween movies? Let’s do a bracket!

Well, well, well…look who decided to grace us with their presence. (Spoiler alert – it’s me.) I just couldn’t wait until November for our next holiday bracket, so I decided to do one for spooky season! That’s right, folks –…
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