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Secret Lives of Things: Fan Dance

1872 Afternoon Dress - Charles Frederick Worth

1872 Afternoon Dress - Charles Frederick Worth

The expression on that man’s face is insufferable! I say, does he really think that is the proper way to admire a lady? Look at him, tapping his fingers on the table nervously – that certainly doesn’t instill confidence! And…I say…is he perspiring? Yes, I do believe he is. Well, I never. It isn’t as if Lady Amelia is a regal beauty. That is to say, if it weren’t for the ample amounts of fabric in my skirts and my plunging neckline I do not believe any gentleman would pay much attention to her. Quite plain and homely, I should think. Though, I will concede that her assistant does have a dab hand with the curling tongs and her hair is swept up in a very flattering manner.

Goodness me, it feels as if her heart will burst through my threads! She’s noticed his attention, clearly, but why is she reacting in such a manner? Oh, dear, here comes the fan. I knew that was a mistake when she paired us together – one only accessorizes with a fan when one intends to flirt. And, oh goodness, yes, she is flirting. I SAY! Lady Amelia, this is so unladylike. Oh if only I could will that fan back to her lap!

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