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Help Save a Life and Raise Awareness

I’d like to announce a very special promotion going on with my Etsy shop. Currently, 50% of all sales will be donated to the LifeGiver Project, headed by Veronica De La Cruz. She is trying to raise money for her brother, Eric, who is in dire need of a heart transplant and raise awareness of the serious flaws in our heathcare system. No matter what your political views are – and I will keep this free of political banter because I HATE that – I am sure we can all agree that no one should suffer and potentially lose their life because of red tape.

Please visit for more information on Eric’s story, and then pop over to my shop. If you don’t want to buy anything, either make a direct donation to LifeGiver or sign up to be an organ donor. Over to the left of the page you can see where I’m tracking how much is donated via The Peach Martini – I set the goal relatively low compared to other fundraising efforts going on – I know these are tough times for us all, and every little bit helps.
Thank you!!

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