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Secret Lives of Things: Betrayal

1940s Engagement Ring - Ruby Lane Vintage

1940s Engagement Ring - Ruby Lane Vintage

When the early morning sunlight caught my eye, I found myself in the crevice between the bed and the nightstand. How she could have left me behind so carelessly was no surprise to me – she was always trying to find a way to leave those memories behind. Memories of laughing in the warm summer evenings; memories of him. I was a gift intended to keep her mindful of his love, that one day he would return from the War. Just as she started to believe him, she received news that his plane was shot down – no survivors. She felt betrayed, lost. How could he promise to come home, when he knew this could happen? She tried desperately to move on, and this time, I think she has.

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  1. Tonya

    I like! I am so sentimental about “stuff”, I am looking forward to reading more of these!

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