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New Series! Secret Lives of Things

I’ve had this in my “to do” folder for several years but was too self-critical to post them publicly. Much like when The Doctor regenerates, I’m learning new aspects of myself and have realized I don’t much care what others think.

(I suppose one of my unofficial resolutions this year is to put myself out there more and not give two poops what people may think. I refuse to make it a resolution though, because I find when I do that I fail to follow through.)

So, you’ll start seeing some posts pop up periodically titled “Secret Lives of Things” – these will be short snippets inspired by images of things I’ve found along my Interwebz travels…short tales of these items. When I say short snippets, I mean a couple paragraphs or so…nothing elaborate. The writing will be from the perspective of the item, which is what I think makes this a fun project! (I’ll be sure to include the image of the item along with the entry…it makes it easier to envision the scene, in my opinion.)

I’d appreciate feedback – good, bad, or otherwise – or suggestions if you have something you’d like to challenge me to write about!

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