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A Month of Thanks – Days 8-13

Continuing A Month of Thanks…

Day 8 – I’m thankful for the things Chris and I share…I’ve never met another person who enjoyed the movie “Young Einstein” and knew who Yahoo Serious was.

Day 9 – I’m thankful for the beautiful day today! Got to spend a great morning with my sweetie, got to spend the afternoon taking and editing pictures and am spending the evening listening to some of our fave music. Love it when DJ Chris spins the tunes!

Day 10 – I am thankful that I do not take myself too seriously…I know I’m a goober, and I’m thankful for that!

Day 11 – Words fail to express my gratitude for all the men and women and their families who sacrifice themselves mentally, physically, emotionally – and in some cases pay the ultimate price – past and present – so I’ll merely say Thank You.

Day 12 – SNOW! The first real snowfall of the season is here, and it’s beautiful!! I am so thankful to live in an area of the world that experiences all four seasons (even if it is sometimes all in one day).

Day 13 – I am thankful for a garage. 🙂

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