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Things I Love: Brooches and Pins

It’s common knowledge that I’m a retro junkie – I love all things 40’s and 50’s and have been known to dress the part on occasion. I don’t like to fork out a lot of dough for some things like other vintage lovers do – I just don’t have the opportunities to dress vintage or incorporate it into everyday life in a big way. Enter the brooch. I feel every woman should own at least one – vintage or not. It spruces up even the blandest of outfits, and can really add that finishing touch when needed. It can dress up jeans and a cute sweater, or top off that classic black dress for an evening on the town.  

Here are a few that I dig currently listed on Etsy…(click shop name to view listing)

This little lovely looks to be as silver-tone base, and is mentioned as such in the listing. It’s a very nice design, not too flowery, but has enough softness to it to add a touch of femininity to any outfit. It would probably look best with a nice sweater set and jeans, or a crisp sundress.

This is one of my favorites – I love the pink stones and the starburst pattern. I could see this with a lovely gray wool skirt and gray sweater set, or even pinned on a pretty black scarf.

Another great pin that could add some girly charm to a pair of blue jeans and a nice blazer, or a pretty cardigan – perhaps a nice aqua or tan color.

Not as vintage looking as the others, it adds a nice touch to almost any casual outfit. I like the hints of bright color among the black – a nice boost for a drab winter day!

A must-have for any vintage-loving gal! The listing dates these to the 40’s which could be very accurate. And who can resist the charm of little swallows?! I’d pair these with jeans and a cute cardi (red or pink, maybe), or a brown skirt (knee length or longer) calf-high brown boots, and a cute cardi or blouse.

This lovely pin is perfect for those dressier occasions – the gold tone base really adds a touch of class and there are pearls and topaz-colored stones throughout to add sparkle. Use it to fasten your black or ivory scarf, or perhaps a black or deep jewel-colored beret if you’re a hat gal.

Do you have a favorite accessory that you just can’t get enough of? 

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