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Save Handmade!

You’ll notice a new button along the left side of the blog – “Save Handmade!” with a cute little teddy bear on it. This is in response to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new law designed to ensure the safety of children’s products. As well-intended as it may be, it will force many small businesses to close their doors – the costs of compliance will be outrageous as testing will be required from third-party companies.

I can see both sides to this: As an aunt to two bubbly energetic girls, I appreciate there is something being done to limit the amounts of harmful products on the market. As a member of on online community who specializes in selling handmade goods of all kinds, I am put off by the thought of all the great Etsy shops who might be obsolete once this goes into effect, not to mention those who have brick-and-mortar stores who might suffer as well.

So please, if you support buying handmade goods, regardless if it’s for a tyke or adult, please take the time to read up on this and act on it if you’re so inspired. It’s better to be educated on a subject and choose not to act, than it is to choose not to act because you don’t know what’s going on.

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