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EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival – Spring Fever!

I’m taking liberties and answering both of these questions for this edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival; these questions were posed by fellow EtsyBloggers team member MysticWynd (visit her blog here).

The first question she asks is: “The first day of spring is just around the corner. What one sure ‘first sign of spring’ tells you winter is finally over and the cycle of life is ready to begin anew?”

…and my answer to this when the American Cancer Society starts their Daffodil Days sales! Not only do we get the chance to buy beautiful, cheerful flowers to help brighten our grey winter days, we also get the opportunity to support cancer research and pay tribute to those closest to us who are continuing their battles with cancer, or who may have succumbed to their fight. I am sure the American Cancer Society did it on purpose, but what better symbol of renewed life and fresh starts than cheerful spring daffodils!

The second question: “Do you have a new Spring ‘look’ planned? Changing your hairstyle or makeup look? Trying out a new fashion trend or have you simply started window shopping for some new favorites? Share some before and afters, or tell about something you’d love to try that’s new.”

This called out to me…I am going to show my true colors here and divulge that I love fashion…shopping…looking for new hair-dos…my heart is racing just thinking about it! J My biggest problem is: I’m a budget-minded girl with the style likings of a big-time fashionista!! While this is a good thing, it makes finding the things I’m drawn to a real challenge. So, not only will I share with you what I’ve got my eye on for Spring, I’ll also share where I tend to shop on a budget! (I’m giddy just thinking about this…does that tell you anything?!)

I actually keep a folder on my computer titled ‘Style File’ and within that folder I keep sub-folders for ‘Hair,’ ‘Tops,’ ‘Bottoms,’ ‘Footwear,’ and ‘Accessories.’ These are images I’ve seen while shopping online or if I’ve been window shopping and have managed to snap a pic of the window display, etc. I save them for reference. Call me OCD, but it helps!! I also get magazines in the mail, so sometimes I either take a pic of those images or scan them so I can keep them in these folders as well. Then I’ll upload these folders to some online hosting site (Flickr, Photobucket, etc) so I can access them from my phone if I need to. Yes, I really go to that much trouble for this…!) And to keep this topic at least somewhat related to Etsy and the EtsyBloggers team, I’ll be sure to include some items that can be found on Etsy! 🙂

 At first I was going to break this down into sections, going from head to toe…but that was just way too much information for one blog post! Then I remembered the handy-dandy website: Polyvore! I <3 Polyvore! This was so much easier than going from top to bottom – I was able to design an entire outfit with just a few clicks of the mouse. (Unfortunately, Polyvore won’t allow images to be imported from Etsy, so I’ll have to link to those separately!)

 Let’s get started!! (I’m so excited – can you tell!?)

 One trend I really dig is shorts – either the dress shorts that are tailored as a business suit, or more casual shorts that can be dressed up with other pieces (you’ll see what I mean).First up are a couple of outfits designed around a pair of cargo shorts – I just love this look! This is more of a late spring, early summer outfit, I think – at least for us Midwestern folks! (and those of us who aren’t able to wear such things to the office, this would be a perfect outfit for the weekend).

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung by thepeachmartini on

Old Navy top, $30 – Old Navy floral top, $25 – Old navy, $25 – JCPenney shoes
1928 Jewelry brass jewelry, $22 – 1928 Jewelry brass jewelry, $16
Forever21 gem jewelry, $4.80 – Old Navy rhinestone sunglass, $9.50


Mossy by thepeachmartini on

Old Navy top, $30 – Old Navy sleeveless top, $20 – Old navy, $25 – Steven by Steve Madden oxford, $140 – 1928 Jewelry filigree jewelry, $22 – 1928 Jewelry copper jewelry, $18
Forever21 gem jewelry, $4.80 – Old Navy wire sunglass, $9.50

Next are a couple different outfits – you’ll notice all of these pieces can be mixed and matched, which really helps in the affordability department! I’m a shorter gal, so I have to watch lengths, and I’m a hippy gal, so I stick with the a-line or pencil style to avoid making things look any larger than they need to! Again, these outfits can be as dressy or as casual as you’d like to make them – the options are pretty much limitless! 

Spring Fling

Spring Fling by thepeachmartini on

Old Navy cropped jacket, $30 – Old navy, $30 – Steven by Steve Madden oxford, $140
1928 jewelry, $18 – 1928 jewelry, $18 – Old Navy fringe scarve, $10
Old Navy wire sunglass, $9.50


Spring03 by thepeachmartini on

Old Navy top, $30 – Old navy, $20 – Old navy, $25 – Old navy shoes, $23
1928 Jewelry filigree bracelet, $22 – 1928 Jewelry filigree earring, $16
Old Navy rhinestone sunglass, $9.50

Ask my husband, friends, or family and they will all tell you I have a thing for shoes. One of my former co-workers used to call me Imelda (Marcos) because I had such a variety of shoes and they all matched. And I managed to build my collection without breaking the bank. Thanks to stores like Payless (they’ve really upped their quality in the last few years and even offer wide-width!), Kohl’s, JC Penny and online retailers like it’s possible to have affordable footwear that is stylish!

For spring, I’m gravitating toward kitten heels and wedges; I love the look of flats, too, but remember, I’m a shorty and I have to be careful of flats! (Let’s face it folks, I need all the help I can get!) I tend to choose something that will blend with the color of the bottom half to create the illusion of elongation. I also try not to wear flats without tights/hose/etc – my ankles (or lack thereof) are my least favorite thing so I like to be sure they’re covered, or at least given the illusion of having ankles!

When I first saw the peep-toe booties creeping on the scene, they seemed kind of scary, but paired with the right items they look stunning! I also really love the men’s-inspired look – and it could also be my affinity for retro/vintage inspired things as well.

 In each of the sets above you’ll notice I’ve selected some amazing footwear (ok, amazing by my standards, anyway!) The shoes vary in price from under $50 to almost $200…this is the worst part of my fashion-fetish! But, after YEARS of settling for cheaply made inexpensive footwear that inevitably 1) falls apart after one season, 2) makes my feet hurt like the dickens, or 3) all of the above, I’ve resolved to spend a little more than I normally would and make sure I buy shoes that are well made and comfortable…and that usually means spending a bit more on them. (I hope my mom reads this…I now understand why she always said “no” to the jelly shoes I coveted in my youth! hehe!)

Last but certainly not least – accessories…an outfit is not complete without the right accessories! You can never go wrong with a scarf; lighten up the winter blahs by throwing on a floral, airy scarf! And I LOVE brooches – they’re so perfect! Check out some of these spring-inspired items to add the finishing touches! (Here’s where all the Etsy-loving goodness comes in to play!) 🙂

Daisys Wonder Necklace by CandyCrack on

Daisy's Wonder Necklace by CandyCrack on

Marie Antoinette Earrings by ArtsyTartsy on

Marie Antoinette Earrings by ArtsyTartsy on

Aqua Flower w/Chunky Green Beads by MysticWynd on

Aqua Flower w/Chunky Green Beads by MysticWynd on

Pink Chrysanthemum Ring w/Filigree band by MysticWynd on

Pink Chrysanthemum Ring w/Filigree band by MysticWynd on

Blue Czech and Swarovski Earrings by MysticWynd on

Blue Czech and Swarovski Earrings by MysticWynd on

Key of Simplicity by CandyCrack on

Key of Simplicity by CandyCrack on

Handmade Vintage Bakelite Coral Earrings by HoneyFromTheBee on

Handmade Vintage Bakelite Coral Earrings by HoneyFromTheBee on


  1. Angela

    Awesome Blog Carnival post! I am in love with the “style file” :-). I keep one in my head but it is terribly disorganized, I may adopt your idea :-). I love the images in your blog and the outfits! Fantastic inspiration :-). Thanks for sharing! Cheers *picks up her own martini* to spring and fashion!

  2. Joey & Aleethea (Sandra)

    What a fantastic post!! I cannot believe I am just seeing it, and it was obviously missed by others on the team. I truly adore the style file – how neat and organized and beautifully done! You have to do one of these for Fall. Let me know if you do! Would love to share it, and if you’d like, maybe you could have a monthly feature going on our team blog? Either with your style file goodness – or with your blogging personality in general. 🙂 Definitely would be lots of fun, and totally what we need around the EtsyBloggers!

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