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Day 15 – Double-Chocolate Raspberry Mocha Muffins/Cupcakes

With the generous swap package that miss Kariz sent me for the “Keep Me Warm” swap on, came some delicious chocolate raspberry cream coffee from the Castro Coffee Co. I knew right away that I had to bake something with it.

What’s that you say? Why did I have to bake with it?? Couldn’t I be satisfied just to drink it, in all its steamy, raspberry chocolatey goodness? Well, yeah, I could…but it was SO GOOD. You just don’t even know. Go to the link above, and buy some. Please.

Anywho…I had to bake something…my first instinct was to make some cupcakes and whip up some chocolate raspberry mocha buttercream…but I’d already done that once before…this deserved to have something all its own. So, I was rummaging through the pantry, gathered the ingredients for the double chocolate muffins (and by ingredients, I mean the box of Ghirradeli mix), and brewed some coffee. Simply replace the water called for on the mix with the freshly brewed coffee (I’d let it cool first before mixing).

This is the end result…they taste better than they look…


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  1. Katie

    Where did you find Ghirardelli mix?! I haven’t seen that around in forever.

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