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EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival – Feb 28 – St. Patricks Day

This edition of the Blog Carnival is the brainchild of fellow EtsyBloggers team member HoneyfromtheBee (visit her blog here).

The EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival for February 28th is brought to you by the color green, the letter P, and the number 8.

I love Holidays. Have I ever mentioned that? You probably knew I was a Christmas Nut, but my madcap ways are not just limited to the well-known, widely celebrated holidays. While St. Patty’s Day is widely celebrated, its still a bit underrated.

We don’t normally “go out” for St. Patty’s Day – I’d love to, but there are WAY too many people (read: drunk people) to tolerate, and I’m not good at that! J I’d like to go to a smallish establishment, just to participate in the antics, but don’t know if I will this year. We shall see.

As for how I celebrate…BAKED GOODS AND CRAFTS!!! These are two of my favorite ways to commemorate any holiday J I’ll admit I tend to focus more on the baked goods than I do the crafts, but I’d like to add to my decoration collections – especially at work. I’ve quite a reputation for being the Holiday Queen, so I can’t disappoint my fans 🙂 I usually bake cupcakes or cookies – I think this year I’m going with cupcakes.

And of course, I wear the traditional colors of St. Patrick’s Day – Green, White, and Orange. Target has some really cute accessories (barrettes, bows, hats, headbands, etc) in their $1.00 section, so I might have to check that out again. And I usually find some way to wear my Chicago Blackhawks St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt, even if it means wearing it under another shirt since we have to adhere to the dress code at work. 🙂

My least favorite thing about the holiday? Those who get their panties in a twist over pinching those who aren’t sporting visible green attire or accessories. Some people get downright mean about it! Pinch me…go ahead and see what happens!!

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  1. Katie

    A friend and I have had success at Deer Park Irish Pub by Saint Francis for St. Pat’s fun. If the weather’s nice there’s a large crowd outside, but early on they aren’t unruly. Last year there was a llama. A LLAMA. Two years ago I saw a parrot.

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