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EtsyBloggers – December 3rd Blog Carnival – Happy Holidays!

This edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival centers around the Holidays (amazingly enough!) – more specifically, I’ve opted to post about an item (or items, as the case may be) that I’ve created.

Rather than be a cheater-cheater-gingerbread-eater and repost the original, I’m going to actually be a good little girl (Santa is watching, you know!) and write a well-thought post on the matter…or as well-thought as it can be for a Tuesday morning with very little coffee in my system.

You might remember when I posted these little gift tags last year in my Etsy shop…these created quite a frenzy among family and friends – they completely wiped me out of them within a few days! And they are so addicting to make, that I just couldn’t help myself! I’ve accumulated quite a stash of them, but I’m having a hard time parting ways.

It all started as a way to decorate some Secret Santa packages at work…but being that I’m one of the very few crafty people in our area, it was a dead give away 🙂 Every one raved about how cute they were, and how they thought it was more fun than the usual peel-and-stick tags so often used these days…I thought it might be a good way to help some one personalize their gifts, so I made a few. As I said, when I posted them online and showed them to relatives, they went nuts-o over them…so I made some more. (It was a win-win situation – they’re small enough that I can knock a few of them out in an hour without getting too bored or distracted, and there is enough detail involved that it satisfies my creative side too…I love it!) I really like that they’re small enough that you could decorate a gift card envelope to make it more personalized (I know some don’t feel gift cards are a thoughtful enough gift – this is a great way to add a little flare to them!), and I can really add as much or as little bling as I want and it won’t overpower the rest of the package. The hardest part though, is watching people unwrap their gifts and then crumpling them up and throwing them away – I just dive for them before they have the chance 🙂

Being that it’s already December 1st, and I’m frantic trying to get things organized for my First Annual Cookie Exchange on Saturday, and I have several handmade gifts I want to get working on, I’m not sure how many I’ll actually be posting in my Etsy shop…but rest assured, if you’re on my gift list, you’ll probably receive one of these 🙂

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  1. Missie

    Those gift tags are adorable and such a good idea! I’ve been trying to get a knack at paper crafts, but I just can’t seem to dedicate enough time into it. I feel like everything I make looks like poo. But yours are absolutely amazing! You make it look sooooo easy. LOL

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