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EtsyBloggers November 19th Blog Carnival – Inspiration

Alrighty – there is just WAY too much going on this month! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week, and I just realized I totally spaced out on the deadline for the November 19th Blog Carnival post. I’m going to write it anyway, even if I’m a day late and a dollar short because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t 🙂

The topic is “What is always inspiring you for your shops, your works, or anything in your life?”

Being that we’re getting into the Christmas season I’m going to focus my post on that…what keeps me going during the holidays – whether it’s keeping a cool head during stressful preparations, or keeping my heart filled with the Christmas spirit. And no – it doesn’t involve alcohol (most of the time, anyway) 🙂

I am a junkie for Christmas – I have an obscene amount of Christmas music, and wrapping paper spews from corners of the craft room where it lives until the season rolls around. My husband says its like crack for me – and he’s right!

The classic Christmas songs of years gone by really get my spirits up – Bing, Frank, Dean, and Nat crooning away on the radio. There are a couple songs that REALLY get me in the Christmas mood – “Silver Bells,” “The Christmas Waltz,” and “We Need A Little Christmas” are the ones I can listen to on repeat, any time of year. Though, I blame “Silver Bells” on my unhealthy, unrealistic Christmas daydreams – I really don’t think that there will be a time again when the streets are bustling with holiday shoppers and the street lamps are decked with holly and bows…maybe in Chicago or New York…hmm…road trip, any one?

As for getting through the stressful times, I always try to remind myself of those who may not be fortunate enough to enjoy holidays with their families – we take so much for granted sometimes and it’s easy in this high-tech, fast-paced world to overlook the small, meaningful things that might slow us down, or inconvenience us for a few minutes or hours, but those are the things that truly matter…

Who cares if the decorations aren’t perfect, or the gravy is lumpy? Who says you have to have the biggest, brightest lights on your house, or the fancy wrapped packages under the tree? Sure those things are nice, but it’s not the true spirit of the season – spending time with family and friends and those you love is what really matters the most.

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