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Just Another Manic Monday…Or Is It?

Ok, yeah, it is…

In an effort to “do more” with my blog, Etsy shop, etc I thought I’d introduce some new features here that will tie in with Etsy and some of the other blogs I follow. Without blatently copying from others (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, but I think that’s the lazy person’s way of flaking out and swiping some one else’s inspiration…) I wanted to start some “series” posts that would follow a weekly format; however I’m not the most clever when it comes to naming things, so some of these might seem a little lame 🙂

  • Mondays…I’ve got nothing for Monday’s yet. Any suggestions?
  • Traveling Tuesdays – Featured Etsy sellers or bloggers from various locations across the world. My way of spreading the love, I guess. I’m thinking of doing a guest blogger type deal on this day.
  • Wackadoo Wednesdays – my random projects, cool DIY tricks (if I have any), and other miscellany centered around my oddness.
  • I Think I Can Thursdays – again, lame, right? I was thinking of sharing various tutorials and how-to’s, both my own and others I’ve come across (with permission, of course!)
  • Freestyle Fridays – I guess this is my cop-out for doing whatever the heck I want on Fridays 🙂

So…how dumb is it? Seriously – tell me!  If you have a better suggestion for a name or an idea for what to write about…or if you’d even like to be a guest blogger, that would be swell too! 🙂

I still plan on having the usual “Things I Love” of course – gives me an excuse to browse Etsy for cool stuff…am I the only one who gets totally overwhelmed by Etsy sometimes? I love how diverse it is, but searching for things is a bit daunting! I digress…

In other news…it’s a new year. Did you know that? 2010. Interesting how easily it flows from the fingers when typing…2010…2010…sorry. Did you have a good holiday? Do anything fun and exciting for New Year’s Eve? Eat your cabbage and black eyed peas? (I don’t know about that black eye pea thing…some one told me it was a tradition in their family…) Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?

I’ve turned another year older (28 now, thanksverymuch) but I don’t feel any older, so I guess that’s good. My husband has signed us up for the “Adult Skating Academy” at our local ice arena…which is a fancy way of saying we’re going to learn to ice skate. I’m a little nervous about this – I have a fear of pain. Seriously, I have padding, but sheesh – ice is so cold. And hard! My skates came in the mail last night – I’m pretty excited about that! I had no idea my feet were so short and stubby…hmm…at least they’ll look fast, short, and stubby on Saturday! 🙂

Okie-dokie…that’s all for today…I’ll be back tomorrow with a cool Etsy shop to feature!

Make it a great week!

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  1. Debra

    You are so busy thank you for he update. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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