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Some New Things @ The Peach Martini

Some new things are in the works @ the Peach Martini shop!

The IN Crowd has been working so hard on getting a St. Patrick’s Day promo out and about and it’s finally launched. I hope it is a good turn out for every one participating!

I am VERY excited about a new line of bridal jewelry I have in the makings. I worked on one set last night and it was very enjoyable. It will be posted on my shop (as well as here!) some time yet today. Wedding season is upon us, and I do love a good wedding!

The IN Crowd is up to 90+ members!!! A big cheer to those members who have stuck it out through all of our craziness, and a HUGE welcome to those new members who have decided to give it a go. I hope we can be what you’re looking for and I hope we can continue to support eachother as we grow. I reach some new outlets, I have created a MySpace group for the IN Crowd – it can be found here – Any one who is a Hoosier and has an Etsy shop is encouraged to join. We are also working on getting press releases out to our local media sources as a way to advertise the growing popularity of Etsy, to promote our shops and the IN Crowd, and as a way to encourage supporting the local economy as well as helping the Eco factor by shopping online (save money and gas, save time, etc).

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold!

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