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Things I Love – Autumn Colors (Part 1)

It’s a sweltering 95 degrees outside today, with a heat index of over 100. As I’m sitting on the leather sofa in our living room, periodically lifting my legs to peel them from the leather, I’m longing for those crisp, cool autumn days. You know the kind – when there is a gentle breeze and you catch the scent of leaves through your kitchen window; when you can sip a chai latte and not be overcome with the heat inside and out. Pretty much the perfect day.

So, in my wistfulness for those days (which aren’t too far off, I hope!) I thought – hey! this would make for a nice post. And since I’ve been slacking off on the new posts, here I am.

Pumpkin Pie scented anything…

From Mountain Mama Chics Etsy shop

From Mountain Mama Chic's shop on Etsy...

This soap, from Mountain Mama Chic’s shop on Etsy looks delightful! I can smell it already – that spicy-sweet combination of pumpkin and allspice. I just might have to buy this one!

Warm candle light (even better if it comes with a Pumpkin or Spice scented candle!)

From TwilightSpells shop on Etsy...

From TwilightSpell's shop on Etsy...

As if sipping that chai latte weren’t cozy enough, TwilightSpells on Etsy created this awesome soy candle by using an old tea cup from a charity shop! I love the way the warm light glows through the brown and golden decoration on the cup – so inviting! (and after reading through her list of scents available I think the Banana Nut Bread would be heavenly!)

Autumn crafts…

From TessaAnns shop on Etsy...

From TessaAnn's shop on Etsy...

These buttons are handmade by TessaAnn; she chose lovely colors to represent autumn in all it’s glory! These buttons are so inspiring to me! I can see them being sewn to a wonderful knit scarf, or adorning a set of handmade cards to send off to family and friends!


From The Brass Hussys shop on Etsy...

From The Brass Hussy's shop on Etsy...

Ok, did you really think I’d leave jewelry out? These earrings created by The Brass Hussy would serve more than just the autumn season, but that golden color just reminds me of falling leaves on a crisp day.


From Angies Others shop on Etsy...

From Angie's Others shop on Etsy...

I am a scarf junkie. I have several and want more…including this one. I love the colors that were used in this creation from AngiesOthers on Etsy. Very pretty tones, and will go with many autumn outfits.


From AzureDandelions shop on Etsy...

From AzureDandelion's shop on Etsy...

Just because nature’s artwork is on the outside doesn’t mean it can’t be inside too! This lovely painting created by AzureDandelion on Etsy is just screaming to be on my wall! I love the fiery oranges toned down by the subtle reds and yellows in the background, and the dark starkness of the trunk and branches is a nice contrast against the bright colors.

That’s all for now…be sure to check all these wonderful shops for more goodies! Stay tuned for the next “Things I Love” series – who knows what that might consist of!


  1. Ayita Rain

    I am so honored my painting is included in things you love.
    Thank you so much for the shop exposure!
    Wishing you a wonderful fall!

  2. Megan

    Fall is my favorite season as well – can’t wait for the crisp cool nights to arrive! Gorgeous choices!

  3. Debbie - TheBrassHussy

    Thank you for including my earrings in your blog write up.

    Fall is my favorite season of the year, and I am trying to come up with some last minute designs!

    Thanks for all that you do for the Incrowd!

  4. julie

    Lovely finds Kim. I really love the candle tea cup. One of my favorite things is to add tea lites to vintage milk glass vases…they glow brightly and it’s such a cool way to add a little light to a room or nook.

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