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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

…or…that wonderful intersection in sports that is September – baseball season narrowing down to the post-season and the start of hockey season. (Well, unofficial start of hockey season…but I’ll take what I can get!) Today my husband and I woke…
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Don’t Be a Hot Dog! (An Essay on the Unwritten Rules of Baseball)

Original articles, for reference: The Unwritten Canon, Revealed – Tim Kurkjian ( A Major League Pitcher’s Guide to Baseball’s BS Unwritten Rules – Dirk Hayhurst ( This weekend, as my husband was incapacitated from a nasty cold, I…
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Anemia – What I’m Learning, Part 2

This post will explain a handful of the common symptoms a lot of folks experience who are also anemic. Someone once said to me, “How could you not notice something wasn’t right?!” Well, read through the list – they all…
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