IGGPPC House Organa 28 Days of Lists Challenge – Day 3: Things I’d Tell My Teen Self

Don’t pay so much attention to what people think. It’s not important to impress others. Stay true to yourself – don’t sacrifice your likes and interests just because your friends don’t share them. Apply yourself in school. Seriously, you do the homework, just turn it in you weirdo. Don’t spend the last semester of high […]

Goonies Never Say Die!

**Disclaimer – I am recovering from a nasty cold, so any incoherent thoughts or run-on sentences are the result of cold medicine and severe congestion.** I can’t remember ever really identifying as a “geek” or “nerd”, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. I never had a negative connotation of the term, […]

The Peach Martini Reviews Books!

Greetings and salutations my lovelies! As you may have noticed I posted a book review a few seconds ago. This is something new I’d like to try this year in an effort to 1) blog more and 2) help me keep up with my personal Goodreads challenge to read 15 books this year (I know, […]

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