Don’t Be a Hot Dog! (An Essay on the Unwritten Rules of Baseball)

Original articles, for reference: The Unwritten Canon, Revealed – Tim Kurkjian ( A Major League Pitcher’s Guide to Baseball’s BS Unwritten Rules – Dirk Hayhurst ( This weekend, as my husband was incapacitated from a nasty cold, I was flipping through the television channels and stumbled upon “Baseball and American Life” on – […]

…and just what the heck is ‘plus-sized’ anyway?! (or dressing for your body type)

(Let me throw a disclaimer out there that I obviously have NO FREAKING CLUE what being fashionable means because I tend to disagree with most every fashion “expert” or personality. When it comes to those ridiculous TV shows that critique/praise Hollywood for their bold fashion sense, I want to smack them all.) Inspired by a […]

Save Handmade!

You’ll notice a new button along the left side of the blog – “Save Handmade!” with a cute little teddy bear on it. This is in response to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new law designed to ensure the safety of children’s products. As well-intended as it may be, it will force many […]


So I was catching up on some blog reading, and I came across a website selling various collage sheets for arts and crafts projects…what I noticed was this seller is using images that are specifically NOT for commercial use (I’m not going to post a link because I don’t want to give this place any […]