A Strongly Worded Letter (IGGPPC Summer Camp Writing Project_

Another feature at IGGPPC Summer Camp this year was a creative writing project called “Write a Letter to Your Nemesis” – the idea was to pair up with another Iggle and exchange letters written from the perspective of an infamous duo (Batman/Joker, Doctor Who/Dalek, Peter Pan/Hook, Alice/The Queen of Hearts…you get the idea!) I didn’t […]

Just a Figment (IGGPPC Campfire Tales Contest Entry)

It’s that time of year again! Time for IGGPPC Summer Camp! (Ok, actually now that I’m taking the time to do this, camp is over and out – the sadness has set in, and I miss all the fun activities!) One of the activities for Camp this year was to write a 1K word (or […]

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