IGGPPC Summer Camp – Troop Assignments!

Every Iggle who signed up for summer camp was assigned to a troop for the duration of camp. Possibilities were: Hobbitses, Marshwiggle, Mockingjay, Padfoot, and Silvertongue. I was placed in Troop Mockingjay! *caw! caw!* OK – I will fess up, I haven’t read the books, nor have I seen the films…yet…but I will! Here’s what […]

IGGPPC Summer Camp 2014!

First things first…what the heck is an IGGPPC, you ask?! IGGPPC = International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club While the name indicates this is a group of rad geeky girls (Iggles, from here on out), I can assure you our male counterparts are just as welcome (Miggles, if you will).  So stop by and check […]