At The Good Old Hockey Game!

My husband and I have season tickets for the local IHL hockey team, the Fort Wayne Komets. I’ve lived in or near Fort Wayne practically my whole life, but had never been to a hockey game until last year (2008-2009 season), and imediately became a fan of both the team and the sport.  It’s fast-paced, […]

Things I Love – It’s the Holiday Season…

…with the whoop-dee-do and hickory-dock/And don’t forget to hang up your sock!/’Cause just exactly at 12 o’clock/He’ll be coming down the chimney/Coming down the chimney/Coming down the chimney, down! It is a known fact among friends and family that I like Christmas music. Oh, alright…that’s a lie. I LOVE Christmas music! I have more Christmas music […]

Things I Love…Pottery and Dishes

A Few of My Favorite Things…Pottery & Dishes Growing up my maternal grandmother always had a huge china cabinet – the smooth, dark wood finish contrasted the pristine white dishes nicely. The glass windows were always free of fingerprints and streaks. I don’t know if the dishes were meaningful, or if they were passed down […]

Cakes Galore!

Please excuse the wonky formatting – this was a post imported from Blogspot, and I can’t seem to get the formatting to match! Hence why I moved the blog in the first place! Scene: A cramped kitchen, mixing bowls and cupcake pans spread across the counter with traces of flour and powdered sugar dotting the […]